10 Key Features Of Australian Employment Law Every Business Owner Should Know

Business owners deal with a whole range of matters on a daily basis, and whilst they may pass any which relate to legal matters to their commercial lawyers, that does not negate their responsibility to ensure that their business operates within the law. We are not suggesting that business owners need go to night school and study commercial law, but it would serve them well to have a reasonable level of knowledge of it.

As a minimum, they should at least of an understanding of some of the key employment laws that apply to business, as this has some of the most important legal obligations for employers. Whether a business employs a handful of staff or thousands, employment law must be adhered to, so to help steer business owners towards a greater awareness of it, here are 10 key employment law features worth knowing.

Modern Awards

Although it might sound like a certificate for inventing new technology, a modern award is a key part of employment law and effectively lays out the minimum entitlements for those employed within specific business sectors and industries. They cover several aspects of employment including working hours, minimum wage, overtime rates, and entitlements to annual leave.

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