Why Most Commercial Lawyers Normally Recommend Written Agreements Over Oral Agreements

In the commercial world, businesses make agreements with individuals and other businesses every minute of every day, and if you ask the commercial lawyers from Culshaw Miller whether those agreements should be made orally or written, then the majority are highly likely to advise it should be the latter.

There are several reasons why commercial lawyers might prefer written agreements to oral ones, but to understand why, it is important to understand what the main differences are from a legal perspective, rather than simply the physical differences between them.

An Oral Agreement And Its Legal Standing

An oral agreement is one where both parties have agreed to a course of action or outcome verbally, however, a verbal agreement does not necessarily mean that a legal and binding contract has been entered into. For it to be the case that the verbal agreement forms a legally binding contract, three key elements must be in place.

  • Offer And Acceptance

The first element is that one party must have made a legitimate offer, and the other party must have clearly accepted that offer. In addition, what the offer includes and is agreed to must be clear concerning all its essential terms, with no omissions or anything yet to be negotiated incomplete.

Your Complete Guide To Site Structure And Its Importance For SEO

Your Complete Guide To Site Structure And Its Importance For SEO

Any business which has a website that it relies upon for generating leads and customers can either pay for traffic using online advertising such as Pay Per Click or generate organic traffic from search engines thanks to an SEO campaign.

For an SEO campaign to be successful, there is a long list of tasks that must be undertaken, most of which relate to the website. One such task is to ensure that the website’s site structure is optimised, but, unfortunately, many business owners are unaware of what site structure is, let alone how it should be implemented.

To take a step towards correcting this, we have outlined below an explanation of what site structure is, its importance for SEO, and how it should be optimised so that it plays a positive role in achieving better rankings on search engines.

What Is Site Structure?

The most basic definition of site structure is that it is how everything on your website, especially the content, is organised. It also includes the internal linking structure as well as the website’s navigation system.

A website with a well-optimised site structure is easy to navigate and has simple, clear menus, with logically categorised content which all help to make the user experience a positive one. Conversely, a poor user experience will result from a poor site structure that has no menu, or if one exists, a confusing one, and content that has no clear categorisation.

Site Structure’s Importance For SEO

There are three main reasons why site structure is important for SEO.

10 Ideas To Help Lawyers Attract New Online Clients

10 Ideas To Help Lawyers Attract New Online Clients

For a lawyer’s business to remain viable it must have the means to attract new clients and be one of the most effective in digital marketing. Digital marketing offers many online channels and opportunities for businesses of all kinds, including law firms, to target audiences, encourage them to their website, and then convert them from interested prospects into paying clients.

However, none of this will occur if the digital marketing campaign which is created, is poor. So, to ensure that any lawyer reading this has multiple ways they can enhance a digital campaign and in turn, attract a flood of new clients, here are ten tips that are proven to work.

Create Problem-Solving Videos: Creating videos and publishing them to your YouTube channel and other video websites is an excellent way to boost your SEO and generate traffic as well as boost your credibility and authority.

Actively Seek Client Reviews: Having positive reviews from past and existing clients on your website and sites like Trustpilot is a surefire way to reassure prospects that they can rely on your expertise and professionalism.

Ensure Your Website Can Be Navigated Easily: To improve user experience, reduce bounce rates, and boost conversions it is essential that visitors can move through all the pages of your website easily using a straightforward menu system.

How Web Designers Can Nurture An Authentic Brand

How Web Designers Can Nurture An Authentic Brand

One of the key tasks that web designers have, especially if they want their web design business to be successful, is to attract new clients. There are many ways this can be done such as referrals from existing clients, digital marketing, and advertising. Underpinning all of these, and a key driver of a web designer’s credibility is branding.

According to online marketing experts, all businesses, including web design businesses, must seek to brand themselves effectively. It does not require unrealistic budgets to do so, but it must be done by following several core strategies. Read on, and we will explain how web designers can undertake these, and thus create an authentic brand that will bolster their client acquisition efforts.

Establish Yourself In A Distinct Niche

One of the core objectives of any branding is to give a business a distinct identity. That is more easily achieved if that business can carve out for itself a niche position within its industry. So, for web designers, it is not the best practice to be positioned as a generalist and lost amongst thousands of other web designers.

Instead, you should be trying to have your web design business seen as the premier choice within a distinct niche, and thus make you the go-to web designer whenever someone is looking for one within that niche. Examples are specialising in websites for local businesses rather than large corporations, or becoming a web designer who is regarded as the best at creating e-commerce websites.


5 Things To Consider When Designing An eCommerce Store

If you’re a web designer or someone with development experience, then you’ve probably come across eCommerce websites before. They aren’t quite the same as standard websites – for a number of reasons – and really have to be treated differently. A professional web designer will offer the following advice;

For example, you have to think about things like product portrayal, payment integrations, and consumer trust. With this in mind, I’ve put together this list of the top five things to consider when you’re designing an eCommerce store. They include:

  1. Make Sure That You Choose The Right Platform

Arguably the most important thing to think about when you’re designing an eCommerce store is the platform that you’re going to run it on. There are a range of choices out there, but some of the most popular include:

WordPress – If you want to build a self-hosted eCommerce store then you should consider using WordPress in conjunction with a plugin like WooCommerce.

Shopify – Alternatively, you might choose to use a dedicated eCommerce website builder which is both beginner friendly, feature rich and quick to setup. The issue with Shopify is that you really only rent the ecommerce site.

Weebly/Wix – Finally, website builders like Weebly and Wix, among others, are a good choice for those who want to build a website with basic store features although these aren’t very good for SEO.

Using Custom Infographics In Your Local Marketing – Part 2

Part 2 continued…

They Can Increase Brand Awareness

One benefit that infographics can provide a business is to increase the strength and awareness of its brand. With brands often having a visual aspect concerning logos, motifs, and taglines, these can all be easily accommodated within an infographic.

When discussing your infographics with the professionals at Oxygen Marketing or the consultant designing them, ensure that you ask them to include your brand in them. You could even get them to create an infographic dedicated to explaining how the concept of your brand first originated and to show graphically how it has evolved.

You can also use infographics to hammer home any phrases or slogans you wish your business and brand to be associated with. This could relate to the quality of your product or the high levels of customer service you offer.

Prospects seeing these words in a format that includes graphics are more likely to remember them than if they are only seeing them as text on a webpage.

They Can Expand Your Link Building

One of the most common ways for a business to build backlinks to its website is to create content such as blog posts or articles and then ask other website owners if they would like to add that content to their site. Rather than a fee, the price is a link from that website back to theirs.

Using Custom Infographics In Your Local Marketing – Part 1

In the world of online marketing, and especially SEO, there is a multitude of resources and tools which, by themselves may not at first seem especially significant, but when you take a more detailed look at them, their benefits soon become apparent.

Experienced SEO Perth company www.seoperthexperts.com.au advise that one such resource is infographics, and whilst you may not currently be using them, it is almost certain that you have come across them while you have been online.

In simple terms, an infographic is an image that contains a combination of graphics and text, and which provides anyone looking at it, information, data, facts, or insights into a specific subject.

For the audience, an infographic is more engaging, and due to the graphics, normally a lot more interesting than seeing the same information in a pure text format.

Additionally, an infographic is an excellent way of presenting information in a format that makes it more likely that whoever sees it will actually consume the content, and it is often used to make complicated subjects, easier to comprehend.

Of course, these are some of the benefits for the people for whom infographics are targeted towards, and it is right that when an infographic is created that they are the ones at the forefront of any thoughts relating to the content or design of an infographic.

However, there are obviously also benefits for those who publish infographics, and that includes local business owners, so let us take a more detailed looked at what those benefits are and how you can avail yourself of them.

Hopefully, having digested this information you will be convinced that infographics should be added to your SEO and online marketing armoury, as soon as possible.

The Different Categories of Social Media for Your Business

It won’t be news to many small and medium sized businesses that social media marketing is big business. In fact, among ‘professional marketers’ (the type employed full time in the role by another business) a survey shows that 97% are using social media to build connection with their audiences.

That audience and connection building should be for one goal: getting more paying customers and clients. So while it might feel great to get a lot of likes on a photo or have plenty of people share an article that you’ve written, it’s important to remember the main point of social media for business is to… well, get more business.

With that in mind, here’s the major ‘types’ of social media platforms and how they might fit in to your marketing mix.

10 Key Features Of Australian Employment Law Every Business Owner Should Know

Business owners deal with a whole range of matters on a daily basis, and whilst they may pass any which relate to legal matters to their commercial lawyers, that does not negate their responsibility to ensure that their business operates within the law. We are not suggesting that business owners need go to night school and study commercial law, but it would serve them well to have a reasonable level of knowledge of it.

As a minimum, they should at least of an understanding of some of the key employment laws that apply to business, as this has some of the most important legal obligations for employers. Whether a business employs a handful of staff or thousands, employment law must be adhered to, so to help steer business owners towards a greater awareness of it, here are 10 key employment law features worth knowing.

Modern Awards

Although it might sound like a certificate for inventing new technology, a modern award is a key part of employment law and effectively lays out the minimum entitlements for those employed within specific business sectors and industries. They cover several aspects of employment including working hours, minimum wage, overtime rates, and entitlements to annual leave.

Comparing Fairfax Media and News Limited Strategy

Comparing Fairfax Media and News Limited Strategy

The last few days have seen a huge amount of news and commentary about Australia’s two largest media companies. Last week both Fairfax Media and News Limited made announcements to combat the decline in print revenue by putting digital at the centre of their strategy. In both cases the companies are streamlining their organisations with associated job losses (1900 announced by Fairfax, numbers to be confirmed by News Ltd).

Fairfax announced that they will move to a tabloid format for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age and close two printing presses. The key digital impact is a digital first strategy with a pay wall to be erected around content (using a metered content model) and a centralised newsroom. The theory is that this allows Fairfax to cut manpower costs and charge to access content while continuing to earn online ad revenues as the metered pay wall still allows content to be found online by non-paying users.

Fairfax‘s online content is currently free. Successful examples for paid content include financial publications such as The Financial Times and The Australian Financial Review where the content is targeted at specific users who are willing and used to paying for valuable content not found elsewhere. The New York Times also provides an example of a metered content model; they reportedly have 454,000 paid digital subscribers accessing their global news and insight. The challenge for Fairfax is to replicate these models for content that is currently free (and available elsewhere for free) and limited to defined metro areas.

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