Using Custom Infographics In Your Local Marketing – Part 1

In the world of online marketing, and especially SEO, there is a multitude of resources and tools which, by themselves may not at first seem especially significant, but when you take a more detailed look at them, their benefits soon become apparent.

Experienced SEO Perth company advise that one such resource is infographics, and whilst you may not currently be using them, it is almost certain that you have come across them while you have been online.

In simple terms, an infographic is an image that contains a combination of graphics and text, and which provides anyone looking at it, information, data, facts, or insights into a specific subject.

For the audience, an infographic is more engaging, and due to the graphics, normally a lot more interesting than seeing the same information in a pure text format.

Additionally, an infographic is an excellent way of presenting information in a format that makes it more likely that whoever sees it will actually consume the content, and it is often used to make complicated subjects, easier to comprehend.

Of course, these are some of the benefits for the people for whom infographics are targeted towards, and it is right that when an infographic is created that they are the ones at the forefront of any thoughts relating to the content or design of an infographic.

However, there are obviously also benefits for those who publish infographics, and that includes local business owners, so let us take a more detailed looked at what those benefits are and how you can avail yourself of them.

Hopefully, having digested this information you will be convinced that infographics should be added to your SEO and online marketing armoury, as soon as possible.

They Add To Your Credibility

This might not be crucial in every industry, but for the majority, giving your potential customers and clients further confirmation of your expertise in your field can only add to the chances of them choosing you.

By adding infographics to your website or in your email sequences, you can provide information and insights that prove you are the go-to expert that they need.

A further tip is to determine what are the most asked questions within your business niche or most asked about the services and products you sell. You can then create infographics that answer these questions in a more palatable format than a FAQ page full of text answers.

They Can Be Shared, They Could Go Viral, And That Means More Traffic

If you want to know what the best possible endorsement of your business is, it is when someone shares your name with someone else. This applies in all walks of life where we are more likely to listen to the advice of someone we know, like and trust, such as family and friends.

When someone online sees your infographic, and really likes it, assuming you have made it sharable, that is exactly what they might do. They might email it to others, but more likely they will post it on one of their social media accounts or timelines. That is when things can get really exciting.

Social media is basically a huge sharing mechanism where we share our opinions, photos, and just about every aspect of our lives. It is also where we share our recommendations, and if someone happens to share your infographics, others are going to see it. Not only might that nudge them in your direction in terms of becoming a client, but they might also decide to share them with their own followers.

That process can continue, and before too long, you could have hundreds, or if you are really lucky, thousands of people online seeing your infographics and assuming they are linked to your site, a flood of traffic to that website.

Now ask yourself, would the process we have just described be as likely if all your content was simply text-based articles and posts?  Probably not. Whist text content is still important, the shareable nature of infographics should make them an essential part of your content strategy.

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